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  Advanced acoustic analysis
Advanced Acoustic Analysis
Advanced acoustic analysis - Tonality | Comparison on different test objects
Wheeze, howling and buzz noises of machines represent a common problem, especially with gearboxes. Due to these tonal components in the overall sound, the sound quality is reduced significantly.
There are many acoustic analyses, which have especially been developed for the evaluation of these acoustic phenomena. This tutorial will show you how these analyses work and when they can be used best. The following analyses are explained by means of practical noise examples:
Tone to Noise Ratio
Tonality DIN 45681
Specific Prominence Ratio
Specific Tonality (Hearing Model)
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Tolerance Scheme for Tone to Noise Ratio ECMA-74
dB(A) or loudness - best analysis for my NVH task
A proper analysis is key when comparing different noises to analyze which one is louder. But what is the best analysis for this acoustic test application?
In this tutorial we introduce two different analyses:
Sound pressure level [ dB(A) ]
Loudness [ sone ]
We compare the performance with respect to the following aspects:
Frequency Weighting (A B C D)
Time Response
Masking Effect
Frequency Resolution
Level of detail
Time Resolution
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