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  Introducing ArtemiS suite
Introducing ArtemiS suite
You are already familiar with ArtemiS suite? If so, we invite you to further improve your knowledge of the functionalities and possibilities. In this playlist the structural set-up and the basic method of operation are explained in detail.
Start Page
After you launch the ArtemiS suite software you will see the start Page first – the central start point into the software.

The usage, the wide options and the great benefit of the start Page will be explained on practical examples.
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User Interface
The user interface of the ArtemiS suite provides access to numerous tools and functions. Both the menu bar and the HEAD Navigator allow you to access them.
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Pool Project
A pool project allows you to perform a wide range of tasks, such as the analysis of measurement data. Here you will learn about the most important pools and pool items, as well as the logic of a pool project.
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Load project examples and associated time signals
Populating a Pool Project
You can populate a pool project with items, e.g. in order to re-use a previously saved analysis. To populate a pool project, you can use various functions of the HEAD Navigator or the database.
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Load project examples and associated time signals
Recent Results
The Recent Results list allows you to access all data created within the current ArtemiS suitesession. For example, you can move analysis files into an opened Data Viewer without requiring a recalculation.
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Load project examples and associated time signals
Layout of Tool Windows
Many functions of the ArtemiS suite can be accessed via tool windows, which you can freely arrange on the screen. This allows you to customize the user interface of the ArtemiS suiteaccording to your needs. For example, you can attach certain tool windows to each other.
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Layout of Documents
Documents, such as analysis results or projects, can be freely arranged according to your needs by moving or grouping them within the document area. This allows you, for example, to display several Mark Analyzers next to each other for an easier comparison.
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Load project examples and associated time signals
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