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NVH Consulting - Overview
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Electric Power steering systems, especially those capable of high forces (e.g. luxury class vehicles), often radiate significant airborne and structure-borne noise.
Depending on the transfer behavior of the car body this may lead to a disturbing noise pattern in the interior noise.
The    Binaural Transfer Path Analysis and Synthesis (BTPA/ BTPS) can be used to synthesize the interior noise contributions of each individual transfer path and thus gives a deep insight to the origin of a certain noise pattern.
Analyzing and listening to synthetic modifications of single transfer path elements (input signal, mount transmissibility, point mobility or acoustic transfer function of the car body) allow the engineer to develop suitable countermeasures without cost-intensive hardware modifications.
Electric Power Steering - Airborne and Structure-borne sound contributions
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Structure-borne Sound
Triaxial accelerometers at the attachment points of the power steering to the car body (subframe)
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