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HEADlab - Modular Multi-Channel Front-End System for Mobile Data Acquisition
Sound and vibration analysis
Multi-channel recordings
Sound Engineering
Quality Control
The modular multi-channel front-end system HEADlab is used for the acquisition of data and consists of a central control unit (  labCTRL I.2) plus   various power supply and input modules.
HEADlab sample configuration
labPWR I.2, labCTRL I.2, labV6 - Line/ICP®,
labV12, labM6, labHMS, labDX
A controller is used to combine and synchronize data from input modules, and connects the system to a computer via USB or LAN.
The   power modules include a battery, so that even large systems can be used without external power for up to four hours.
Because a fan is not required, the HEADlab modules run silently.
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