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  HEADlab - labV12/labV12-V1 - 12-Channel Line-/ICP® Module (Code 3723/3723-V1)
HEADlab - labV12/labV12-V1 - 12-Channel Line-/ICP® Module (Code 3723/3723-V1/3723-V2)
HEADlab Module labV12 - Line/ICP®
Front and rear view
labV12 is a12-channel Line/ICP® module equipped with a high-pass filter for each channel, switchable channel by channel.
The compact and rugged module features excellent phase accuracy and a signal-to-noise-ratio of
107 dB(A), typ.
At the front of the module the interfaces are summarized in two D-Sub sockets to connect the sensors via breakout cables.
In combination with a control module and a    power supply module labPWR I.2 up to 10 labV12 can be assembled to form a system with 120 channels, at a sampling frequency of up to 24 kHz. Due to the low power consumption of the modules, the system can be operated with a battery-equipped Power Box for up to one hour without an external power supply.
In comparison to the labV12 module, the variants labV12-V1 and labV12-V2 provide higher input impedances and lower cutoff frequencies (see data sheet).
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