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  labCOMPACT12 and labCOMPACT24 - Product Description
labCOMPACT12 (Code 3708) and labCOMPACT24 (Code 3709)
Silent HEADlab modules (single module system) for 12 or 24 analog//ICP®sensors
The compact “single module” systems labCOMPACT12 and labCOMPACT24 combine the basic
functions of a HEADlab controller with one or two 12-channel input module(s) into a handy device. This makes labCOMPACT12/24 a flexible and affordable solution for multi-channel analysis, particularly in the development of household appliances and office equipment.
labCOMPACT12 can record 12 channels with sampling rates up to 48 kHz or 6 channels with up to
96 kHz.
labCOMPACT24 can record 24 channels with sampling rates up to 48 kHz or 12 channels with up to
96 kHz. Both modules feature a high phase accuracy of the 24-bit data and a signal-to-noise ratio of
107 dB(A).
labCOMPACT12 and labCOMPACT24 can be quickly and easily extended with an additional HEADlab input module or other HEADlab systems. The direct connection to a laptop or PC via USB or LAN ensures secure and stable data transfer. The modules are controlled and configured via the    Data Acquisition Module HEAD Recorder (ASM 04) of    Artemis suite.
When powered by a power module, the labCOMPACT12 and labCOMPACT24 systems can be operated without an external power supply for several hours.
labCOMPACT12 - Front and rear view
Click for a detailed view
labCOMPACT24 - Front and rear view
Click for a detailed view

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