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  PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Features
PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Features
Synthesis of the complete binaural or monaural sound for one or more recipients (airborne or structure-borne sound) based on transfer functions and excitation signals
Traceability of the sound phenomena back to their origin
Ease-of-use thanks to modern, intuitive graphic user interface
Easy editing of the model structure by means of standard commands (Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste etc.)
Intelligent and high-performance signal processing
In the PROGNO[I]SE editor, transfer functions can be edited manually
Quadripole Wizard with Kelvin-Voigt model for the virtual replacement of engine mounts
Transfer Function Wizard: Generation of transfer functions for the correction of coherent airborne sound signals
Contribution Analyzer for the phase-correct determination of sound components with an intelligent threshold algorithm that highlights the key noise contributors
Batch operation for automatic calculation of several projects with different excitation measurements
Flexible, component-based model generation with arbitrary composition and synthesis of individual paths, path groups or of the complete sound
Reliable operation thanks to the automated check of the calculation models (visual model validation with detailed error description)
For calculating transfer functions using only operating data without additional measurements, the software supports Operational Transfer Path Analysis (OTPA) incl. the OTPA wizard
Easy switching on or off of paths or model components
Advanced processing possibilities and interactive playback of the syntheses with the    analysis software ArtemiS suite, in the lifelike vehicle cabin SoundCar or during a real drive with the    software H3S
Manual processing of the transfer functions in the PROGNO[I]SE editor
Playback of individual or all calculated results at all nodes
Insertion of synthesized orders, e.g. obtained from simulation results, and exact phase synchronization between existing and synthesized orders
Import of data in HDF and UFF58 format
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