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  VoLTE Testing with MFE VIII.1 - New front end offers new possibilities for VoLTE test setups
HEAD Press Release Herzogenrath, October 31, 2012
VoLTE Testing with MFE VIII.1:
New front end offers new possibilities for VoLTE test setups
HEAD acoustics has just announced its new voice quality test solution for Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), which integrates HEAD acoustics’ widely established ACQUA analysis system, the HMS II.3 artificial head and the MFE VI.1 measurement front end as well as the new MFE VIII.1 reference gateway
Front view MFE VIII.1
The system setup also offers various possibilities of incorporating an air interface. Complete setups including LTE tester and IMS server have already been successfully tested (cf. picture below).
Although the new test system also supports the earlier MFE VIII front end model, the new MFE VIII.1 reference gateway represents an important step forward in test technology for both narrowband and wideband telecommunication devices in IP and LTE networks.
The new front end offers a number of advanced features that allow a greater freedom of configuration. Additional VoIP codecs are offered, including AMR/AMR-WB and ‘Speex’, while further codecs are implementable as software plug-ins at a later date. Clock adjustment to avoid delay drifts between VoLTE DUT and setup which can cause misinterpretation of test results is on board as standard.
The new voice quality test system for VoLTE combines HEAD acoustics’ innovation skills with established over-the-air RF test capabilities offered by various partners and consolidates HEAD acoustics leading position in the market.
Price and Availability
For details on prices, system requirements and availability, please contact your regional HEAD acoustics representative or the HEAD acoustics Telecom sales team in Germany.
Configuration Example
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HEAD acoustics was founded in 1986 and has been involved in noise and vibration, electroacoustics and voice quality testing since its inception. HEAD acoustics is based in Herzogenrath, Germany, with affiliates in USA, Japan and France as well as a world-wide network of representatives. The Telecom Division of HEAD acoustics manufactures telecom test equipment and provides consulting services in the field of speech and audio quality. Moreover, HEAD acoustics closely co-operates with DECT Forum, ETSI, ITU-T, TIA and other standardization bodies with regard to the development of quality standards for voice transmission and speech communication. In many partnership projects, HEAD acoustics has proven its competence and capabilities in conducting tests and optimizing communication products with respect to speech and audio quality under end-to-end as well as mouth-to-ear scenarios.
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