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  Perceived Quality - subjective product perception by customers
HEAD Press Release Herzogenrath (Germany), Aug 01, 2014
Perceived Quality - subjective product perception by customers
How can products be designed in a way that inspires customers? How can customer-specific quality perception be assessed and utilized for product development?
The book “Perceived Quality” (available in German only ) answers these questions and illustrates the challenges of customer-oriented product development against the background of perceived product quality. In their article on acoustic product value, Prof. Dr. K. Genuit and A. Fiebig describe the special importance of perceived sound quality and why sound influences the impression of product quality.
The article explains that due to increasing customer demands and tougher competition, the design of brand-specific sounds has become mandatory, because the attractiveness of a product mainly depends on experienced quality, perceived value and exclusiveness.
More on this and other subjects can be found in the aforementioned new book.
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Source: Symposion Publishing GmbH, D�sseldorf, Germany    Internet:
Perceived Quality – Subjektive Kundenwahrnehmungen in der Produktentwicklung nutzen; Robert Schmitt; Symposium Publishing GmbH; Düsseldorf; Germany 2014
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