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ACOPT 34 - Option Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) (Code 6865)
ACOPT 34, Speech Intelligibility Index (SII) is an option for the communication quality analysis system   ACQUA that allows the calculation of the speech intelligibility index of the selected signal according to ANSI S3.5-1997.
The Speech Intelligibility Index represents how much a noise impacts the intelligibility of speech.
The intelligibility of speech on the one hand depends on the level and the frequency of the background noise and on the other hand it depends on the speech spectrum itself. As an indication for how much a noise impacts the speech intelligibility the Speech Intelligibility Index is calculated according to ANSI S3.5-1997 “Methods for Calculation of the Speech Intelligibility Index”. This standard is a major revision of ANSI S3.5-1969 “Methods for Calculation of the Articulation Index”.
The Speech Intelligibility Index is calculated using two spectra: The noise spectrum (which is calculated from the input signal) and the speech spectrum (which is defined in the properties of the analysis). The details of the calculation depend on the method selected in the properties (based on octaves, 1/3 Octaves or critical bands) and may be looked up in ANSI 3.5-1997. The general procedure is as follows: The signal is subdivided in frequency bands relevant for speech intelligibility. Then the differences of the speech spectrum and the disturbance spectrum (which results from the noise spectrum and the self-masking of the speech spectrum) are calculated for each band, weighted with a band importance function and added up for the Speech Intelligibility Index.
Note: All ACOPTs require the latest ACQUA version.
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