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Measurement Standards
New Version ACQUA 4.0.200
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  ACQUA - Features
ACQUA - Features
Analyses in the time domain, determination of level, level vs. time, delay etc.
Analyses in the frequency domain, determination of transmission functions, loudness ratings, echo loss, distortions, background noise, out-of-band signals etc.
Database controlled configuration and control of test procedures and front ends
Predefined test cases for fast, automated and guided measurements according to various – partly mandatory – international standards
Digital real-time equalization of any artificial mouth
Individual default settings definable
Modifiable measurement descriptors
Automated measurement sequences
Creation and automatic verification of tolerance schemes
Recording of any signals via digital interfaces (only with full-license version and compact systems)
Auditory evaluation of measurement objects, especially important for nonlinear time-variant systems
Acoustic real-time playback for analysis support (e.g. via headphones)
Data integrity and reproducibility due to archiving of measurement sequences and results in an SQL database
Calibration of measurement system in e.g. dBV, dBPa
All telecom specific measurement methods available; implemented calculation methods according to e.g.:
- ITU-T G.122 / P.64 / P.79 / P.340 / P.502 (Appendix III) / O.131 / O.132
- IEEE 269
Optionally, further methods are available, e.g.:
- 3QUEST (ETSI EG 202 396-3, TS 103 106, TS 103 281 (Model A))
- PESQ (ITU-T P.862)
- POLQA (ITU-T P.863)
- Relative Approach
- SNRi & TNLR (ITU-T G.160)
- 3GPP TS 26.132 (ANR-Tests, Speechbased Double Talk)
- STITEL, STIPA, RASTI (variants of Speech Transmission Indices)
- SII (Speech Intelligibility Index)
Measurement database in ACQUA
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