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Mobile Telephony
Testing mobile phones (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, AMPS) and assessing speech quality is a major application for HEAD acoustics products. Different aspects (e.g. algorithms for echo compensation, delay) have a significant influence on conversational speech quality with mobile phones.
Test setup with HMS II.3, HHP III.1 or HHP IV, MFE VI.1, ACQUA, Radio Communication Tester and a mobile phone as DUT
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Test setup with MFE VI.1, MFE XI, ACQUA, Radio Communication Tester and a mobile phone as DUT
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Device under Test
Mobile Phone (GSM, UMTS, CDMA, AMPS)
Relevant Standards
Available ACQUA Standards
- EN 300 607-1
- ETS 300 607-1-3
- EN 300 903
(= GSM 03.50)
- 3GPP TS 100 607-3
(= GSM 11.10)
- 3GPP TS 26.131
- 3GPP TS 26.132
- 3GPP TS 51.010
- 3GPP2 C.S0056
- CTIA Certification Program
Test Plan
- ETSI ES 202 396-1
- ETSI TS 103 106
- Vodafone Performance
TST Audio Quality (NB/WB)
- Deutsche Telekom AG
Test Specifications for NB/
WB Terminals
- ITU-T G.160
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