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The “Skype & Lync Audio Test Specification” defines audio requirements for Skype™ and Microsoft® Lync® devices and accessories such as handsets, headsets and accessories. The requirements concern those aspects which significantly impact the end user experience (speech quality, signal noise, echo/delays etc.).
Test setup with HMS II.3, MFE VI.1, ACQUA, Skype-Lync Reference Client and a device with Skype™ or Microsoft® Lync® embedded client
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Test setup with HMS II.3, MFE VI.1, ACQUA, Skype-Lync Reference Client, Skype-Lync DUT Client and appropriate accessory
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Device under Test
Devices with Skype™ or Microsoft® Lync® Embedded Client, Skype™ and Microsoft® Lync® Accessory
Relevant Standards
Available ACQUA Standards
Skype & Lync Audio Test Specification:
- Devices using Skype™ or Microsoft® Lync® signal processing
- Devices using own signal processing unit
- For TV devices
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