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Smart Speakers / Smart Home Devices

Voice-operated smart home devices like e.g. smart speakers provide a variety of different functionalities to users: Initiating desired actions intended by users, controlling other smart home devices or IoT devices, audio playback, calling, and room-to-room intercommunication.
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Therefore, voice recognition, speech communication, as well as audio quality of smart home devices must meet the user´s expectation – regardless of the room and background noise situation. Testing these aspects requires appropriate measurement and simulation technology that takes crucial factors into account:
Realistic background noise and reverberation
Multiple talkers
Orientation-dependent tests
HEAD acoustics provides smart solutions for testing smart speakers and other smart home devices. These solutions include simulation of true-to-reality environmental conditions with highest accuracy and evaluation of voice and audio quality in a versatile and targeted way.
The test solution for smart speaker / smart home devices comprises:


The HQS-SmartHome database is especially tailored for testing communication quality of voice-operated smart speakers and other smart home devices. HQS-SmartHome is implemented for the use with the analysis software ACQUA.
Key features:
Speech and transmission quality with background noise scenarios
Speech quality with reverberant simulations
Settings with multiple talker
Directivity measurements
Performance tests of echo cancelling
Performance tests during double talk
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HQS-AudioBasic is a database for the analysis software ACQUA for testing and analyzing electroacoustic parameters of loudspeakers like smart speakers.
Key features:
All electroacoustic tests included (frequency, levels, distortion, …)
Tests of directivity characteristics
Calculation of Thiele/Small parameters
Relative Approach analysis as add-on test for distortion
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ACQUA is the analysis software and offers advanced methods for all essential voice and audio quality testing and optimization. For testing speech communication of smart home devices like smart speakers, ACQUA additionally provides traditional measurements of e.g. frequency response, loudness rating, and distortion.
Extension modules like 3QUEST for speech quality in the presence of background noise and EQUEST for testing the echo performance of smart home devices are available.
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3PASS flex and 3PASS lab are two high-performance background noise simulation systems. These systems enable the evaluation of the performance under true-to-reality conditions; an essential attribute when testing smart speakers and other smart home devices .
3PASS reverb is the new option for accurate simulation of reverberation in rooms.


The turntable HRT I is required for conducting orientation-dependent acoustic tests of smart home devices like smart speakers
Key features:
360° rotation range at steps of 0.1°
Reproducibility of the adjusted angle is ± 0.02°
Control via ACQUA, remote configuration software or Python / Matlab scripts
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VoCAS (Voice Control Analysis Software) is the turnkey solution for reproducible and systematical quality assessment of voice control systems like smart speakers and other smart home devices under realistic and test conditions.


labCORE as the modular multi-channel hardware platform provides all required interfaces for testing smart home devices.


HMS II.3 (is the artificial head measurement system, comprising ear simulator and artificial mouth, which is fully capable of super-wideband testing.
Want to learn more about HEAD acoustics solutions for testing smart speakers and other smart home devices?
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