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HHP IV (Code 1406) - HEAD Motorized Handset Positioner
As an optional accessory of the Artificial Head Measurement System    HMS II.3, HHP IV “MotoMount” allows reproducible measurements of the transfer characteristics of handsets as a function of application force according to ITU-T Recommendation P.64.
Thanks to its motorization and automatable control, it no longer requires manual user interaction during measurement sequences.
Both “standard test positions” (STP) according to ITU-T P.64 for the pinna types 3.3 and 3.4 are supported. Moreover, HHP IV fulfills the requirements regarding the “recommended test position” (RTP) specified by IEEE 269 as well as ITU-T Recommendation P.64.
Furthermore, the ability to reach almost any arbitrary position and angle within the specified limits allows a close-to-reality simulation of user behavior, in particular with regard to positional robustness testing.
HHP IV mounted to artificial head HMS II.3
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HHP IV MotoMount – Positional Robustness measurements with HHP IV
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HHP IV MotoMount – HEAD acoustics motorized handset positioner
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