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labCORE - Modules & Options
labCORE can easily be extended by up to ten hardware modules and by various software options depending on applications and measuring purposes:
coreBUS (Code 7710), I/O Bus Mainboard:
coreBUS is required as bridge between the mainboard and the hardware extension modules. The high-performance bus mainboard is equipped with a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), which ensures a high data transfer rate.
coreOUT-Amp2 (Code 7720), Power Amplifier Module:
labCORE provides two power amplifiers via the optional module coreOUT-Amp2. Each amplifier provides 20 Watt RMS (class D technology). Output for both amplifiers is one Speakon 4-pin socket. Thus, test setups with two artificial head measurement systems such as for In-Car Communication testing or acoustic-to-acoustic (end-to-end) testing can be realized easily. The module is also capable of operating e.g. small loudspeakers. labCORE can be equipped with up to two coreOUT-Amp2 modules.
coreIN-Mic4 (Code 7730), Microphone Input Module:
The module coreIN-Mic4 provides four LEMO 7-pin microphone inputs for externally polarized microphones with TEDS support. With this module, labCORE allows concurrent connection of both ears of an artificial head measurement system as well as measurement microphones. Users choose which inputs should be used via the ACQUA software. Thus, labCORE enables fully automated measurements, as a manual swap of microphones is no longer necessary.
coreBEQ (Code 7740), Binaural Equalization:
The software option coreBEQ extends labCORE to a binaural equalizer. Thus, labCORE allows the digital equalization of artificial head signals, all in real time. For this purpose, individual equalization filters for use with the corresponding artificial head are determined by HEAD acoustics and stored in the front end. These filters are then available in ACQUA for the following digital equalization types: Linear, Independent-of-Direction (ID), Free-field (FF), Diffuse-field (DF), User-specific.
coreOUT-A2 (Code 7750), Analog Output Module:
The module coreOUT-A2 provides two analog two-channel BNC/XLR outputs. The connectors are switchable and can be used in balanced and unbalanced mode. The outputs are high-precision and low noise, thus perfectly suitable for demanding electro-acoustic measurements.
coreIN-A2 (Code 7760), Analog Input Module:
The module coreIN-A2 provides two analog two-channel BNC/XLR inputs. The connectors are switchable and can be used in balanced and unbalanced mode. The inputs are high-precision and low noise, thus perfectly suitable for demanding electro-acoustic measurements.
coreIP (Code 7770), labCORE I/O Module, Voice over IP Reference Gateway:
This module replaces the measurement front end MFE VIII.1 (Code 6484). Using the coreIP module, labCORE serves as reference gateway for voice quality measurements of digital communication devices and transmission systems. The module supports the main features according to RFC 3261 and offers an integrated SIP-VoIP client with numerous voice codecs. labCORE supports the same protocols and codecs as MFE VIII.1.
coreIP-IMP (Code 7771), labCORE VoIP Impairment Option:
This software option replaces MFE VIII.1-IMP (Code 6496). coreIP-IMP provides optional network impairment for labCORE. It allows reproducible measurements under impaired network conditions (jitter, delay, packet loss) even with activated DTX (Discontinuous Transmission). The impairment option requires the module coreIP (Code 7770).
coreIP-AMR (Code 7772), labCORE VoIP AMR Codec Option:
This hardware codec option replaces Cod-AMR (Code 6485). coreIP-AMR provides the additional codecs AMR-NB, G.722.2 AMR -WB, GSM 06.60 Enhanced Full Rate and G.729 Annex A and Annex B for use with labCORE. coreIP-AMR requires the module coreIP (Code 7770).
coreIP-EVS (Code 7773), labCORE VoIP EVS Codec Option:
This codec option replaces Cod-EVS (Code 6495). coreIP-EVS is the EVS (Enhanced Voice Services) software codec option for labCORE. It supports all specified bandwidths from narrowband to fullband and with all bit rates and modes (incl. AMR-WB interoperable mode). coreIP-EVS features static jitter buffer for accurate delay conditions instead of EVS´s adaptive jitter buffer. The EVS codec option requires the module coreIP (Code 7770). A hardware extension (cf. MFE VIII.1-SPE) is no longer required.
coreIP-OPUS (Code 7774), labCORE VoIP OPUS Codec Option:
This codec option replaces Cod-OPUS (Code 6494). coreIP-OPUS provides the optional software codec Opus (Audio, 2-Channel) for use with labCORE. It requires the module coreIP (Code 7770).
coreBT (Code 7780), labCORE I/O Module, Bluetooth Reference Access Point:
This module replaces the measurement front end MFE XI (Code 6482). coreBT means the complete integration of MFE XI into labCORE. With coreBT, labCORE serves as universal access point for acoustic and electrical measurements of voice and audio devices (mobile phones, headsets, headphones, hands-free devices (head unit), Bluetooth® loudspeakers) with Bluetooth® wireless technology. The module supports the same profiles as MFE XI.
coreBT-EXT (Code 7781), labCORE Bluetooth Extended Codec Option:
This module replaces MFE XI-EXT (Code 6492). coreBT-EXT is an optional extension pack for the coreBT module. The extension includes the wideband capability for hands-free profiles (mSBC codec) and the aptX® codec for A2DP profiles. The Bluetooth® extended codec option coreBT-EXT requires the module coreBT (Code 7780).
coreA2B (Code 7790), labCORE board for A2B® bus:
coreA2B adds the capability to connect to the Automotive Audio Bus A2B® developed by Analog Devices. With coreA2B, labCORE inserts and receives audio and configuration data to/from the digital bus, mimics a master or a slave node or even takes full control over the bus. coreA2B also serves as an evaluation board for A2B® bus systems.
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