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  TrainingCenter Overview     USA Training Offers - ArtemiS suite Introduction
ArtemiS suite Introduction
Date Venue  
 Aug. 05, 2020 Brighton, MI   Register 
NOTE 1: Any classes may be scheduled on request, at any time, either at the HEAD acoustics, Inc. training center or at the customer’s site.
Please contact us for information.
NOTE 2: Courses may be customized for particular needs.
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Full-day course
8:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Lunch is provided
 Seminar Objectives:  
This seminar, intended for users with no HEAD acoustics software experience, will explain the organization and general operation of HEAD acoustics’ multi-channel data acquisition and analysis software ArtemiS suite.
It is intended to familiarize users with the concept, organization and operation and is not application-specific, though it covers the sound quality engineering basics of “listener in the loop" interactive analysis.
NOTE: Sound and Vibration Signal Processing and Psychoacoustics and Advanced Analyses and Techniques two-day seminars are provided in our schedule for in-depth application-specific analytic applied signal-processing, psychoacoustics, and a variety of interactively-guided analyses.
Exercises will be interspersed through the course for hands-on work.
  ArtemiS suite systems are available for "hands-on" use.
 Seminar Outline:  
Organization and logic: the Project, and documents it can create
The Player and other Tool windows
Working interactively: playing/listening/filtering: core concept
The Mark Analyzer (MA) and Data Viewer (DV)
(documents: MA for interactive listening)
The Mark Editor: cutting to time or RPM
Exports, imports
Data acquisition
Manipulations, cursors, copying/pasting, dragging/dropping
Reports (basics)
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