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  Psychoacoustics Basics

Psychoacoustics Basics

Date Venue  
 Jun 09, 2020 Herzogenrath, DE   Register 
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Seminar Objectives:  
This one-day training will familiarize you with the basics of psychoacoustics. You will learn the practical handling of different psychoacoustic methods and how to use them successfully for efficient work in the areas of sound design, acoustic optimization, troubleshooting, etc.
Since the acoustician's work has to be increasingly oriented towards the subjective requirements of the customer, the focus of this training is on imparting practical solutions both for your individual applications and for those of your customers.
1 day
9:00 h - 16:00 h
Basic knowledge of acoustics, signal processing and the handling of ArtemiS suite are advantageous.
Auditory Perception - Analytical Description
Frequency groups
Psychoacoustic parameters
Practical examples
Special analysis methods
- Sharpness
- Roughness
- Specific prominence
- Speech intelligibility index
- Tonality
Limits of psychoacoustics
Training material is provided in print and as pdf on a USB stick.
Notebooks and front ends are available for all participants.
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