Interior and Exterior Sounds

Comfort and emotion

What does a good car sound like

  • when accelerating?
  • when using the indicator?
  • when shutting the door?

Vehicle sounds are as diverse as the expectations of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Understanding and meeting these expectations is key to achieve a positive perception of the vehicle. Whether driven just for fun or for practicality reasons: a car should sound as good as it looks – both inside and outside.

Numerous sources – one effect

Torsional vibration in the powertrain, whistling from the power inverter, tire and wind noise, vibration in the body; they all contribute to the overall noise. The interaction of these different groups of components is one of the main challenges in vehicle sound development.

In addition, active systems complement the sounds from electric drives or downsized engines and need to be designed to match customer expectations.

All of this requires measurement technology, tailored to the vehicle, that not only synchronously captures and analyzes all the signals but is also flexible and lightweight.

  • Powertrain
  • Chassis and body
  • Exhaust system and intake
  • Insulation and soundproofing
  • Simulation
  • Active Sound Design and Active Sound Enhancement
  • AVAS

Understand your vehicle and your customers

Made for cars

Our measurement technology offers flexible handling, long battery life, variable numbers of channels and silent operation as well as specific accessories such as seat adapters and a steering wheel remote control.

Analyze various kinds of signals and their interaction: from microphones and accelerometers to CAN or GPS to engine speed and load.

In combination with cutting-edge psychoacoustic analysis and methods such as transfer path analysis (TPA) and HEAR!, you understand both, your vehicle and your customers.


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