Acoustic test bench and automation

From development to quality assurance

Test benches with their controlled measurement conditions ensure that product tests are carried out comparably, reliably and quickly across several development or modification stages.

Switch clicks, which take only fractions of a second, are tested as well as multi-stage transmissions in complex test cycles with hundreds of repeat measurements.

Sometimes the evaluation of the pure noise is sufficient. But in most cases, operating modes and a range of variables such as pressure, RPM and temperature also have to be recorded and taken into account.

Flexibility despite time and cost pressure

Test bench operators are confronted with a range of challenges in their everyday work:

  • Managing high data volumes
  • Performing tedious manual or only semi-automated operating procedures
  • Reviewing all the measurement results acquired
  • Standardizing measurements, documentation, analysis and data storage to ensure comparability
  • Handling of changing test object types with specific test sequences and analyses
  • Changing sequences and analyses at short notice

Test variables:

  • Gear ratio
  • Load RPM
  • Speed
  • Number of poles and cylinders
  • Operating state

Stay flexible...

...avoid errors

Automatic calculations

Thanks to our open interfaces, you can integrate fully automated vibroacoustic tests into your test bench.

Variable-guided, automated calculation rules allow you to react flexibly to changing test objects and ensure consistent analysis parameters.

Our intuitive software allows you to quickly and easily standardize your processes – from measurement and documentation through to analysis and data storage.

Combine our software with powerful data acquisition systems that match your number of channels and signal types.


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