Order Analysis

Revolutionary methods

Whether hand blenders, generators or turbo compressors, rotating machines feature tonal sound components in their acoustic fingerprint.

As a result of the rotation frequency, this fingerprint reveals much about a machine’s condition, design and function.

Thus, the acoustic analysis of periodic processes – orders – is an essential diagnostic and analytical tool for development and test engineers.

Rotational speed as a reference

Analyzing the speed-dependent sound components helps to detect an imbalance, locate gear whine resulting from gear mesh or assess a periodic force excitation in an electric motor.

This is why reliable and accurate rotational speed measurement – even under difficult conditions – is the basis of a meaningful order analysis.

The vibrations and sounds measured can be correctly assigned only if the rotational speed has been recorded properly.

  • Tonal sound components
  • Imbalances
  • Rotational speed dependencies
  • Acoustic fingerprint
  • Gear mesh frequencies

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Orders under control

Thanks to the intuitive integration of your sensors for rotational speed measurement, our measurement systems enable signals to be detected accurately and reliably. You have no speed signal? No problem: our RPM generator calculates it from your other measurement signals.

Our hand-held systems enable to analyze orders even during measurement. For more detailed and comparative analyses, our evaluation software offers a range of order-based analyses and special order cursors.

Keep your orders in order through automation and structured data storage.


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