Application Notes Sound & Vibration

Our selection of application notes covers frequently asked questions.

Please note the information on the described software version, which is indicated in the documents. Compared to the version you are using, the scope of functions and the user interface may differ.

In this section you will find a glossary of terms used in the fields of sound and vibration acquisition, analysis and evaluation. The document can be used as a reference and for familiarization with the various fields of acoustics.

The following application notes describe the installation and configuration of the flexible network licenses (net and net+).

Sound power and sound intensity are important acoustic sound energy quantities. The following application notes explain important terms, why sound power and sound intensity are relevant quantities, and the various measurement methods.

By knowledge of the dynamic behaviour of structures, they can be optimised by design measures with regard to their mechanical vibrations. The application notes in this section give you a glossary of the most important terms relating to structural dynamics as well as an overview of the various measurement and analysis methods.

The export to other formats facilitates the data exchange with customers and colleagues. Learn more about the export possiblilities in the application notes of this section.

Use ArtemiS SUITE for improving the sound quality of your products. Please find corresponding application examples in the application notes of this section.

Here you will find application notes for creating user documentation and using a database in ArtemiS SUITE.