Welcome to the front row:

We transformed our "Day of Acoustics" roadshow to 6 free "Days of Acoustics" – a series of free online seminars with dedicated focus on our latest developments for sound and vibration analyses as well as optimizing speech and audio quality in vehicles.

Would you like to see one of the online seminars again or did you miss a session? The recordings are now available.

From vehicle to food processor: With the help of practical examples, you will experience easy and efficient ways to do your measurements and analyses.

"This is probably the best webinar I have attended this year. The topic was applicable to my needs."

D. Hammerbacher / Nexteer

"Very good guys, keep the good work!"

F. Ayala / Brose

"Was entertaining as well as informative and demonstrated new features well!"

T. O’Kelly / Ford

"Excellence presentation which is really amuse us."

H. Lin / Delta Electronic

"Loved the presentation, very entertaining and informative. As an overview of capabilities it was great."

T. Drinan / Nexteer

Recordings of the presentations

  • The functions in a practical overview
  • Measuring under stress
  • Evaluation of sound quality
  • Tips & tricks with my boss Dr. Wegmüller
    Till Papenfus
  • Advanced analysis - The better FFT
    Till Papenfus
  • Determine sound power with ArtemiS SUITE
    Thilo Leitmann
  • Sound source localization – improved workflow for advanced analysis and documentation
    Philipp Stade
  • Soundscape – a holistic approach to the acoustic environment
    Frederik Gast
  • The NVH Simulator PreSense
    Bernd Philippen
  • Interactive auralization of TPA based on test bench data
    Daniel Riemann and Dominik Bauer
  • Experience CAE simulation
    Matthias Wegerhoff
  • Head Unit: One basis for all communication. HEAD acoustics: One platform for all tests
  • Speech recognition in vehicles: Automated tests including driving noise simulation  - VoCAS & 3PASS
  • In-Car-Communication (ICC), hands-free communication, eCall and audio / hi-fi: A2B bus, interfacing, analyses and more
    Jacob Soendergaard
  • Automated acquisition and analyses with ASX
    Tareq Mangal
  • Live Coding - useing program interfaces (ASX) of the ArtemiS SUITE
    Stanislaw Isaak
  • Calibration, handling of TEDS sensors
    Thilo Leitmann
  • New Features in SQuadriga III
    Thilo Leitmann
  • labHSU - next generation of binaural recording
    Thilo Leitmann
  • HEAD Companion – Your free tool for handling HDF files
    Till Papenfus