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NVH Simulator: A Path to the Digital Twin

Article on PreSense in ATZ - Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift as a download

In the NVH development process, simulation models are increasingly used only to evaluate part or component changes since manufacturers can and want to use real prototypes ever less frequently due to tighter time and cost targets. However, it is impossible to assess the effects on noise and vibration behavior comprehensively solely from simulation results or test data obtained on component test rigs, for example, because the perception of noise and vibration in the vehicle cannot be reduced to diagrams and numerical values. The benchmark is and remains the human experience. So how can manufacturers realistically evaluate NVH performance while conducting fewer and fewer real-world tests?

An NVH simulator solves this problem. It makes measurement and simulation data audible in real life at the earliest stages of development via an interactive driving noise simulation so that decision-makers do not have to make judgments based solely on abstract figures. It also allows assessments of NVH performance or the active sound design of e-vehicles at very early concept stages when physical vehicles are not yet available or, for example, the installation of components is not permitted for safety reasons. In virtual test drives, engineers can modify various transmission paths without real prototypes or selectively hide individual paths, evaluate them afterward, and thus identify optimization potential.

The article by HEAD acoustics in ATZ also shows how manufacturers can usefully integrate an NVH simulator at several points in the development process. With various expansion stages - from a simple desktop simulation to a state-of-the-art application in the complete vehicle simulator - it can be optimally adapted to the respective requirement.

An NVH simulator allows simulated sound and vibration behavior to be experienced in real life, paving the way for a digital twin.

Download the entire article as a PDF free of charge. Enjoy reading!

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