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ArtemiS SUITE 16: Revolution in Test Automation

ArtemiS SUITE release 16.0 simplifies analyses and reports and perfects the workflows and usability, especially for users who deal with repetitive tasks, for example, dyno-/validation measurements, product optimization, and benchmarking.

Since its inception, HEAD acoustics’ ArtemiS SUITE has been a game changer for structural and acoustic analyses. The modular software platform for measuring and analyzing sound and vibration is the most versatile, efficient, and comprehensive solution for optimizing product sounds and environmental noise. ArtemiS SUITE combines powerful tools in a standardized software environment that allows its users to master tasks in any field of acoustic measurements and analyses with ease.

ArtemiS SUITE 16.0: Perfected automation and standardized testing

With the release 16.0, HEAD acoustics has perfected workflows and usability—especially for users with repetitive tasks. With the ArtemiS SUITE modules for automation (APR 050 Automation Project) and standardization (APR 220 Standardized Test Project), users now experience unrivaled possibilities and workflows that make even the most complex tasks seem easy. We have progressed these features with simplicity in mind so you can focus on your work without any technical hurdles. Learn more about the Automated and Standardized Testing Projects here and have a look at our demo videos to understand how easily you can perform an automated task. You can also download the demo project to try it out in ArtemiS SUITE.

While the Automation Project offers a high degree of freedom, the Standardization Project is more strongly guided, making it easier to set up and carry out campaigns but also more rigid regarding its options. The Pool project is ideal for troubleshooters, i.e., if you are looking for conspicuous noises and want to work with time data in a highly flexible way. The Automation Project is ideal for test campaigns in daily work, i.e., if you want to analyze recurring measurement tasks in the same way automatically. The Standardized Testing Project supports you best in large test campaigns. It makes it easy for you to carry out a measurement campaign with a standardized test procedure and documentation and to receive a standardized report.

General productivity and feature enhancements 

We have extended the legend pattern framework of diagrams in ArtemiS SUITE for advanced customization, introducing more granular control, making it easier to understand reports due to clear and specific curve names and more flexibility in presenting your data. 

We have added the possibility of defining unit-to-quantity rules to convert any unit string to a known quantity (e.g., degC converted to °C), for example, when importing CAN or FlexRay signals, where units are often not stored in the "usual" notation. 

Regarding file handling and compatibility protection, we have embedded application version information in documents for improved cross-version compatibility awareness and overwrite protection. You can trust that your files will always be handled with care and compatibility in mind. 

Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) 

ArtemiS SUITE Release 16.0 contains the Interface Completeness Criterion (ICCplus) analysis to support TPA model validation. 

Enhancements for Reporting in ArtemiS SUITE 

The XY diagram in the report now supports displaying multiple curves in one diagram. Additional properties for curve management (switch and move ordinates and add further curves) and line styles modification were added as well. 

We have added new filter options in the “Pages” tab that, for example, allow you to filter out pages with broken bindings with one click to use report templates with only partial results. 

The new Reporting Library (ASX 09) enables you to read, modify, export, and store reports without installing ArtemiS SUITE. A report can be exported as a pdf or as PowerPoint and saved as a new report file. 

ArtemiS SUITE Recorder

The new pause button in the recorder control allows you to pause recordings. The button can also be pressed to release a configured trigger when the trigger conditions do not occur. 

“Start on every key” opens a separate window with a large record button. Any keyboard input or mouse/touch click on the large record button starts a recording or stops a running recording. 

Online Monitor diagrams can now be configured to show the diagram content of the currently selected channel, allowing you to switch the content of multiple diagrams with one click.

HEAD acoustics supports additional CSM modules 

In addition to the already supported HV AD ECAT and AD ECAT modules, ArtemiS SUITE 16.0 supports further EtherCAT®-based MiniModules and high-voltage Breakout Modules by CSM.

Especially the high-voltage breakout modules for voltage, current, and power measurement open a wide range of possible applications in electric and hybrid vehicle testing. 

Synchronized with HEADlab controllers (of the second generation) via PTP protocol, simultaneous recording with CSM systems and HEADlab in the Recorder of ArtemiS SUITE is possible.


ArtemiS SUITE 16 is already available for download and licensing. To contact the HEAD acoustic sales team, write to


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HEAD acoustics GmbH is one of the world's leading companies offering holistic solutions for sound and vibration analysis. In the telecom sector, the company enjoys global recognition due to the expertise and pioneering role in the development of hardware and software for the measurement, analysis and optimization of voice and audio quality as well as customer-specific solutions and services. HEAD acoustics' range of services covers sound engineering for technical products, investigation of environmental noise, speech quality engineering as well as consulting, training and support. The company from Herzogenrath near Aachen has subsidiaries in China, France, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the USA as well as numerous sales partners worldwide.


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