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New HEAD acoustics ArtemiS SUITE Release

HEAD acoustics has overhauled ArtemiS SUITE, its state-of-the-art software platform for sound and vibration, psychoacoustic, and structural dynamics analysis. The new release 15 brings substantial improvements in usability, performance, scope of operability, and connectivity.

Productivity and feature enhancements

ArtemiS SUITE is a user-friendly and versatile software platform with a clear and easy-to-use modular structure. Its modules are grouped thematically into Projects and Tools (APR), Signal Processing & Extensions (ASP) and System Integration and Extension Interfaces (ASX) categories to avoid content overlaps and dependencies. This division allows users to customize the software configurations according to their specific needs and application scenarios. Users can remotely operate their work in ArtemiS SUITE with the Remote Desktop Protocol, which is now generally included with the new software release.

The UI revision includes a simplified insert dialog for analyses and destinations and a redesigned license dialog that improves access to essential information about all found local or network keys, groups them by types, and filters them by code, name, or additional tags.

New Audio Player functions include a revised, more ergonomic single-line layout and access to all player functionalities at a glance. The refreshed Tachos tool window considers multiple control channels in advanced use cases.

Transfer Path Analysis (TPA)

The licensing of the TPA project is now part of the ArtemiS SUITE software environment. In ArtemiS SUITE 15, the project offers improved model creation and calculation of the transfer functions for structure-borne and airborne sound according to different methods, such as matrix inversion for indirect determination of forces or volume velocity, blocked forces, effective mount transfer functions, and airborne sound sensitivity. In ArtemiS SUITE, users can also perform the synthesis of path contributions in the time domain and export ready-to-use models for optional analysis and post-processing to Prognoise, the software for binaural transfer path analysis and synthesis. The Modal Analyses, Shape Comparison, and ODS projects are integrated and work seamlessly with the TPA project.

Augmented reality support for scanning method in sound intensity measurements

With the ArtemiS SUITE Release 15, we introduce an updated interface to the award-winning Augmented Reality solution from HoloMetrix, making a physical measurement grid obsolete and sound power measurements more efficient and reliable. ArtemiS SUITE 15 provides users with a powerful means for quick and efficient sound power measurement based on sound pressure (DIN ISO 3744 ff) and sound intensity measurements (DIN ISO 9614), either using the discrete point or the scanning method.

Psychoacoustics ECMA 418 2 (2nd Edition)

The psychoacoustic analyses according to the 2nd edition of the standard ECMA 418-Part 2 are now implemented in ArtemiS SUITE 15. The standard describes the psychoacoustic loudness calculation method, significantly improving the loudness prediction of any signal containing narrowband and/or tonal components compared to the well-established Zwicker as well as Moore and Glasberg methods. In addition, it refines the already existing tonality and roughness procedures. The Sottek Hearing Model, developed by the HEAD acoustics research team, forms the basis of the standard’s psychoacoustic methods.

HEAD acoustics supports additional hardware

ArtemiS SUITE works perfectly with our HEADlab front end. However, some customers have already been using different data acquisition systems but do not want to forego the advanced, unique, and versatile ArtemiS SUITE features. That’s why the new Artemis SUITE 15 release now supports additional third-party hardware and software. The versatility of HEAD acoustics’ products and the possibilities for our customers to integrate their tools and workflows seamlessly are thus greatly enhanced. The synchronization with HEADlab is realized via Precision Time Protocol (PTP).

ArtemiS SUITE 15 is already available for download and licensing. Please get in touch with the HEAD acoustic sales team and write to


About HEAD acoustics

HEAD acoustics GmbH is one of the world's leading companies offering holistic solutions for sound and vibration analysis. In the telecom sector, the company enjoys global recognition due to the expertise and pioneering role in the development of hardware and software for the measurement, analysis and optimization of voice and audio quality as well as customer-specific solutions and services. HEAD acoustics' range of services covers sound engineering for technical products, investigation of environmental noise, speech quality engineering as well as consulting, training and support. The company from Herzogenrath near Aachen has subsidiaries in China, France, Italy, India, Japan, South Korea, the UK and the USA as well as numerous sales partners worldwide.


HEAD acoustics GmbH
Ebertstr. 30a
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