Bluetooth® LE Audio

LE Audio is an entirely new Bluetooth® implementation using Auracast™ or Unicast transmission solutions. While Unicast is the new solution for point-to-point connections, Auracast™ offers a wholly new broadcast functionality. The new low-latency and high-quality codec LC 3 is the basis for a new speech and audio quality dimension. The applications range from "classical" speech and audio connections for headsets, including hearing aids and cars, to new broadcast applications like announcement systems and broadcast transmission at home (for example, one TV broadcasting various languages) or in vehicles. All scenarios require device testing and optimization.

A new era of Bluetooth® Testing

With Bluetooth® LE Audio, a new generation of Bluetooth® technology devices enters the market. Using this new technology massively extends the Bluetooth® application possibilities. Besides classical speech and audio applications, Bluetooth® LE Audio addresses new industries and applications, such as hearing aids and public address applications. Testing and optimization are mandatory and require a reference implementation combined with the best testing strategies.

Auracast™ – a new field of application

The first Bluetooth® LE Audio technology introduced into the market is Auracast™. New headsets, hearing aids, and broadcasting devices like TVs will employ this technology and need testing and optimization. Testing requires a reference interface, including a reference implementation of the new LC3 codec, as well as an acoustic environment simulation – especially background noise – for optimizing the performance of headsets and other devices in environments where Auracast™ will be used.

Implementation in labCORE

The new Auracast™ technology fully integrates with our test frontend labCORE, which simulates the Auracast™ source and Auracast™ sink devices. The software-based reference implementation, including the reference audio and speech codec, enables users to validate and optimize Auracast™ performance. labCORE works seamlessly with the advanced communication analysis system ACQUA.

The complete test solution

With the coreBT2LE Auracast™, we provide a complete reference implementation. In conjunction with the analysis system ACQUA, the background noise and reverb simulation 3PASSlab, 3PASSflex, and 3PASSreverb, users can rely on a test and simulation environment for all device types.

The test solution's main features are:

  • Auracast™ source and sink reference client
  • LC3 codec reference implementation
  • Completely integrated into the HEAD acoustics test environment
  • Tests and test sequences integrated into ACQUA allow for fully automated testing
  • Future-proof due to software-based implementation

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