Acoustic Analyses
of Heat Pumps


Sound Power

Determine the Sound Power of your appliance based on sound pressure level (ISO 3740 series) or sound intensity (ISO 9614) with ease! We provide software solutions for automated workflows, data acquisition systems, hardware and services for hemisphere (sound pressure level) measurement setups, as well as user-friendly Augmented Reality tools for sound intensity measurements.

Structural Analysis

Whether you want to validate and compare simulation models or enhance your understanding of dynamic behavior, the AI-supported HEAD structural analysis solution provides an intuitive and user-friendly toolkit. With our modal analysis project, you can quickly determine waveforms and modal parameters. Use our ODS tool to investigate how they affect the dynamic behavior in different operating states. This allows you to expand your understanding of the system gradually.

Sound Quality Analysis & Target Setting

Benefit from our binaural recording and playback technology!l We provide extensive and comprehensive tools and services for jury testing, developing sound quality metrics (also in EOL tests), and state-of-the-art psychoacoustic evaluation based upon the Sottek Hearing Models, such as loudness, roughness (ECMA 418-2, 2nd), and tonality (ECMA 418-2, 2nd & ECMA 74, 15th /17th).

Sound Source Localization

With HEAD VISOR, we provide you with the most flexible and efficient acoustic camera toolset available. See what you hear and locate sound sources fast, intuitively, and reliably. You can even analyze rotating components (e.g., fans) by automatically compensating for their rotation.

Transfer Path Analysis & Simulation

Using transfer path analysis, we identify relevant noise sources and the associated excitation forces (blocked forces) with the transfer paths and predict the resulting noise, taking into account component changes or CAE simulations. The results help to efficiently improve your product and speed up the NVH development process. 

Engineering Services

We offer a wide range of acoustic engineering services related to heat pumps, covering all conceivable applications. We support the entire product development process, including the analysis of the perceived sound quality and the definition of acoustic targets, as well as detailed system analysis to describe the acoustic behavior, derive optimization potential, and break down targets to the component level.

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