In harmony

To come to tranquility - even the choice of words describes the importance of acoustic sensations. Loudness is by no means the most critical parameter: tonality, impulsiveness, roughness, sharpness, and so on are essential variables that determine sound quality.


Refreshingly sonorous

Kitchens are places where people meet. The most silent cooker hood or food processor, so people enjoy talking to each other while it operates at full power, have the best chances on the market.

The well-tempered refrigerator

The question of whether a refrigerator has to hum can almost certainly be answered with "no." But whether disturbing noises can be prevented, concealed, or modeled can be answered unequivocally with "Yes."

Here purrs the kitten

Our electronic assistants - copiers, printers, laptops - often produce unwanted noise. Analyzing causes and effects makes it possible to optimize devices acoustically to sound pleasant.

Dogs that bark ...

do not bite. Ideally, they disturb your yoga exercises more than the heat pump next to the mat would.

All noise is not the same

and splashing does not equal roaring. To improve the acoustic properties of a sanitary installation, there are two basic options: a modification of the sound source or a reduction of the sound transmission.

On quiet paws

The gentle revolution in robotic vacuum cleaners, robotic lawnmowers, and many other motorized helpers: Humans and animals benefit from modifications to sound sources. Sound reduction, a harmonious sound experience, and coherent acoustic feedback give devices a pleasant sound character.

The sound of floating  

Gliding from floor to floor seemingly weightlessly and almost silently is no longer a dream of the future: a suitable elevator sound creates trust and a feeling of deceleration – this is the result of successful sound design.

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