Audio quality

Achieve high fidelity

When aiming at the highest possible audio quality, device and systems manufacturers face complex and diverse challenges: High-end loudspeakers must create a perfect illusion of the live stage. Portable headphones and in-ear speakers must deliver clear, detailed, and impressive sound despite background noise. The sound in a car must be precisely timed and tonally balanced for the driver, front passenger, and rear seat passengers simultaneously, even at higher speeds.

The goal always is to let users enjoy the highest possible fidelity – and we provide you with the most advanced measurement technology, including the groundbreaking MDAQS perception-based objective audio quality evaluation, to succeed in this challenge.

Consider all aspects of audio quality

To achieve better audio quality, it is not enough to analyze and optimize the basic electroacoustic parameters, such as the transfer function, delay, distortion even at maximum levels, and sound pressure per EN 50332.

The requirements for today’s audio playback scenarios are more complex and require measurement technology that gives answers to more in-depth questions, such as:

  • How can I ensure a realistic auditory impression of the audio signals?
  • How do I optimize the audio performance in reverberant or noise-filled environments?
  • How do I tune asymmetrical or structurally strongly predetermined setups, e.g., in vehicles?
  • How do I evaluate Virtual Reality (VR) systems?

In Focus:

  • Active and passive systems
  • Audio zones
  • Transfer function
  • THD & THD+N
  • Delay compensation
  • Thiele/Small parameters
  • Directivity characteristics
  • Maximum sound pressure level
  • Perceptually motivated analyses

Set new audio performance standards

Comprehensive tests for top sound

The goal is to offer users the best audio quality. Our combination of objective measurement methods with binaural recording and playback is the way forward. With our hardware and software solutions, we offer manufacturers of audio devices and systems:

  • Hardware platform with high-precision, low-noise analog (direct, powered 200V/± 60V, Phantom, ICP®...), digital and Bluetooth® interfaces
  • Binaural recording and playback systems
  • Automated and reproducible tests of all relevant electroacoustic parameters (e.g. HQS-Audio)
  • Psychoacoustic metrics for sound quality assessment
  • MDAQS for perception-based objective audio quality evaluation
  • Manufacturer- and provider-specific measurements
  • Complex test scenarios with a realistic simulation of background noise and reverberation


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