IoT and Smart Home

Communication and audio in focus

Smart speakers and a variety of IoT (Internet of Things) devices offer a range of functions such as speech recognition, hands-free communication and audio playback. These devices and systems need to offer outstanding communication quality and highly reliable speech recognition. In addition, the audio quality also has to meet the most demanding of requirements too. When users communicate or listen to music via smart speakers, they rely on optimum signal processing by the devices. Regardless of the application area and even under difficult acoustic conditions, the best possible user experience is essential.

Creating realistic conditions in the laboratory

To achieve optimum results, manufacturers of smart speakers and IoT devices have to test a variety of audio- and communication-relevant parameters under realistic conditions in the laboratory. These include:

  • Voice quality in all communication situations (sending, receiving, double talk)
  • Scenarios with various talker configurations (including interfering talkers and double talk)
  • Background noise and reverberation
  • All basic transmission parameters
  • Speech recognition performance under all conceivable acoustical conditions

Such measurements require suitable test setups, interfaces for a range of technologies and advanced measurement technology.

In Focus:

  • Speech recognition
  • Voice communication
  • Audio transmission
  • Room acoustics
  • Signal processing
  • Directivity
  • One or more talkers

Intelligent tests for an enhanced user experience.

Reaching a new level of quality

In the laboratory, the unique combination of our measurement, analysis and simulation techniques offers manufacturers and suppliers the following benefits:

  • Automated communication quality tests in accordance with the relevant standards (e.g. ETSI ES 202 738/740, TS 102 925)
  • Manufacturer-specific tests (e.g. Amazon, Google)
  • Realistic simulation of background noise and reverberation
  • Complex test scenarios involving multiple talkers and varying talker positions
  • Testing of all communication-relevant parameters
  • Testing of speech recognition (manufacturer-specific, ETSI TS 103 504)
  • Electroacoustic measurements to determine audio quality


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