Sound Source Localization

An eye on sound sources

Where is that faint crackling sound coming from?
Where is the leak?
Has my modification had the desired effect?

Identifying the source of a noise is crucial to develop and assess targeted countermeasures.

Acoustic cameras process a wide range of synchronized microphone signals to locate sound sources and visualize them intuitively as video images. They are an indispensable tool at the test bench, in a wind tunnel or in mobile use.

Speed counts

Interfering noises usually appear suddenly and where they are least suspected. Locating the source of the noise quickly and reliably is crucial, because each minute the source of the problem remains unknown can delay the entire project.

Typical challenges include:

  • Locating and analyzing sound sources in the audible frequency range (20Hz – 20,000 Hz).
  • Separating out superimposed sound sources.
  • Breaking down fast sequences into their individual components and identifying their chronology.
  • Integrating additional and reference channels to determine whether the sound is dependent on factors such as operating state.

See what you hear…

…hear what you see.

Accurate analysis.

Easy operation.

Profound insights.

Fast, intuitive, professional

Our acoustic camera systems offer accurate analysis features and are remarkably easy to operate.

Record and analyze the entire time and frequency range, without pre-adjustment. Pinpoint every level thanks to innovative distance measurement and combine the acoustic image with additional information such as RPM or acceleration signals.

Gain a profound insight into your test object – live during measurement or through a detailed subsequent analysis; reproducible and professionally documented.


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