Wind Energy

The sound of the wind

  • Operation in accordance with official regulations
  • Ensuring long-term durability
  • Avoiding tonality
  • Minimizing sound emissions

Manufacturers of wind turbines need to ensure that their systems meet a wide range of applicable requirements – reliably and early. In the development process, a wide range of parameters, including sound, vibrations, temperatures, loads, etc., are therefore recorded and evaluated - and this as simultaneously as possible and with tight time-to-market plans.

From prototype measurements to successful certification

Vibroacoustic measurements, sound source localization, analysis of noise components: In order to reliably predict the durability and noise emissions of the machine, a wide variety of measurement and analysis methods are used.

Troubleshooting is also enormously important – especially in the prototype phase. In addition to the sometimes complex interrelationships and analysis procedures, there are also very practical challenges, including:

  • Acquisition of various parameters such as sound, vibrations, temperatures
  • Handling of a large number of channels
  • Documentation of sensor orientations
  • Simple creation of clear result reports

Typical sources of sound and vibration

  • Rotor blades
  • Gearbox
  • Generator
  • Pitch motors
  • Hydraulic auxiliary systems
  • Active cooling
  • Azimuth drive and inverter
  • Structural dynamics

  • Sound power

  • Transfer path analyses

  • Order analyses

Mobile measurements:




Valid analyses with short set-up times

Whether sound, vibration or temperature sensors or strain gauges, our mobile measurement systems allow you to record sound characteristics and vibration behavior using any number of channels from 2 to 250+.

With intuitive software tools for applications such as transfer path analysis, modal analysis, order analysis, level and frequency analysis and psychoacoustic analyses, you can obtain deep insight into the sound and vibration behavior of your wind turbine. Thanks to sensor and measurement point libraries, you maintain an overview even with complex measurement setups – from planning the instrumentation on the CAD model through to automated reporting.


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