Soundscapes 2023

The global HEAD acoustics team is excited to present their favorite places, locations, and sites, with pictures and sound recordings taken using our HEAD acoustics binaural equipment to give you an authentic visual and aural experience. Encounter a new fascinating place and corresponding sound every month in 2023, and learn about the places our colleagues like best in the world.

Dive into the world of psychoacoustics!

Our psyche influences our perception much more than we realize. Psychoacoustics provides fascinating insights into the field of auditory perception, and with them, HEAD acoustics makes our world sound better everywhere. With our 2023 calendar, we invite you to the exciting world of hearing. We highlight interesting psychoacoustic phenomena every month. Did you know about the cocktail party effect? Or do you have any idea what binaural hearing is all about? No? Then take a look at our calendar and get as excited about psychoacoustics as we are!