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  Multi-band beam forming
HEAD VISOR - Features - Multi-band beam forming
Thanks to optimized algorithms, it is possible to perform and display simultaneous multi-band mapping in addition to single-band mapping. In this case, adjacent frequency bands are displayed in multiple maps.
This allows a wide frequency range to be analyzed in a glance.
The user can select the upper and lower cut-off frequency. HEAD VISOR then calculates a logarithmic distribution of the frequency bands for each multi-band mapping.
The subdivision is independent of the frequency band selection for the single-band mapping.
  Example showing the dynamic range of an application case in the configurable frequency bands
A central term in array technology is the dynamic range in the source map. This dynamic range is a characteristic of the beam forming algorithm and should not be confused with the dynamic range parameter of microphones or signal conditioning.
HEAD VISOR (microphone + conditioning + A/D conversion) has a signal dynamic range of 100 dB within a level range of 30dB to130dB SPL. The dynamic range of each individual source mapping is about 13 dB.
This limitation is determined by the microphone array geometry and the employed beam forming algorithms and only applies to sources emitting sound in the same frequency range. This limitation can be avoided by using multi-band mapping. In this display mode, sources emitting sound in different frequency ranges are shown in different multi-band maps, utilizing the full dynamic range of the system.
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