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Measurement Standards
New Version ACQUA 4.0.200
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  ACQUA - Product Versions
ACQUA - Product Versions
ACQUA Full-license (Code 6810)
Full version with maximum range of features (cf. feature list).
ACQUA Workplace (Code 6830)
For post-analyses, measurement preparation and documentation, i.e. without the possibility to start measurements. All SMD types can be created/opened/edited, even those which normally require an additional ACOPT.
Optionally, ACQUA Workplace can be upgraded to the full-license version with “UG ACQUA Workplace” (Code 6862).
Main application areas „Workplace“:
  - Expert system, for building measurement descriptors
  - User system for post-analysis, report generating and measurement data reappraisal (thus “relieving” the measurement room)
  - Verification system for customers and suppliers, especially for customers who do not want to measure themselves, but want to verify tests in detail
ACQUA Compact (Code 6860)
This version includes the ACQUA Compact software and the labCORE main hardware platform. Further labCORE hardware modules and ACQUA databases can be added as needed for the given application.
Network licensing
ACQUA Workplace and most ACQUA options (ACOPT) are available as network license. Pre-existing local licenses can be upgraded to corresponding network licenses.
ACQUA Full-license, ACQUA Compact, all ACQUA databases, and some ACOPTs are only available as local licenses.
ACQUAlyzer window
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