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HEAD acoustics Events - Overview
Ongoing contact with customers is important to us. For that reason, we carry out a series of annual events in the field of NVH, which focus on the exchange of experiences and the active dialog with our customers.
Day of Acoustics 2019 in seven locations in Europe September 17 to November 23, 2019
The    "Day of Acoustics 2019" program introduces newcomers and experienced users to new features of our sound and vibration measurement products. The agenda includes presentations of interesting and interactive application examples as well as sufficient time for discussion with the HEAD acoustics staff. We hold these    "Day of Acoustics 2019" in four different German cities, in Leuven, Belgium, in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Gif-Sur-Yvette, France in order to offer convenient access to all our customers.
  Further information, dates, locations and registration for events in Germany
  Further information, dates, locations and registration for the event in Belgium
  Further information, dates, locations and registration for the event in Sweden
  Further information, dates, locations and registration for the event in France
NVH User Group Meeting 2019 in Troy, MI, USA November 7, 2019
Once a year we hold an    NVH User Group Meeting where the focus is on the mutual exchange of experiences among the users of our products.
Speakers from our business partners are invited to present their special applications, innovative methods and their experiences with our products to the other participants.
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