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  Welcome to HEAD acoustics
NVH Division
NVH Division
The acoustical quality of technical products such as automobiles or household devices is getting ever more important.
The acoustics of a device or the characteristic sound of an automobile influences the purchase decision of the potential customer.
Researching sound emissions are indispensable for improving the acoustical features of vehicles, office equipment, dish washers, air-conditioning and many other technical devices.
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Telecom Division
Telecom Division
As an acknowledged expert in telecommunication measurement technology, HEAD acoustics has developed special measurement and analysis methods for the determination of the transmission characteristics of voice-controlled systems. Voice- based telecommunication in particular requires a maximum of acoustic quality. HEAD acoustics guarantees an up-to-date range of high-performance Telecom products, among other things due to an active cooperation with German and international standardization bodies.
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NVH Division - Aurally-accurate recording and playback, signal analysis, sound design, noise control
Current product presentations
BHS II - Binaural Headset
Binaural headset for SQuadriga II (as of version B) which can also be connected to other ICP® front-ends (only recording) via the adapter CLB I.2.
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 BHS II,  SQuadriga II
ME’scopeVES™ from Vibrant Technology Inc.
Software environment for operational vibrations and modal analysis, which seamlessly
integrates into the   product range of HEAD acoustics.
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Transfer functions bending mode of car body
Telecom Division - Analysis and Optimization of Voice Communication Quality
Current product presentations
labCORE - Multi-channel, modular and future-proof front end platform
All-in-one solution designed to interface with any today´s advanced audio and communication devices 
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VoCAS – Turnkey test solution for voice recognition systems
Testing ASR systems in e.g. mobile phones, IoT devices and vehicles automatically and reproducibly
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