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Overview of HEADlab Modules (Code 3702 - 3742)
The following modules are available for the HEADlab System:
labCTRL I.2 - USB/LAN Controller Code 3702
USB/LAN controller for the data combining and synchronization of up to 10 HEADlab input modules  
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labPWR I.1 - Power box (40W) Code 3711
HEADlab Power box for the power supply of individual modules or smaller systems up to 40 W  
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labPWR I.2 - Power box (100W) Code 3712
HEADlab Power box for the power supply of individual modules or smaller systems up to 100 W  
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labV6, labVF6 - Line/ICP® modules Code 3721
Code 3722
6-channel line/ICP® modules with BNC  
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labV12, labV12-V1, labV12-V2 - Line/ICP® modules Code 3723
Code 3723-V1
Code 3723-V2
12-channel line/ICP® module  
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labM6, labM6-V1 - microphone modules Code 3724
Code 3724-V1
6-channel microphone module for connecting condenser microphones  
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labT6 - module Code 3726
6-channel input module for connecting up to six thermocouples  
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labSG6 - module Code 3727
6-channel input module for connecting up to six measuring bridges (strain gauges) as well as sensors with symmetric or asymmetric outputs and unipolar or bipolar supply  
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labV6HD - module Code 3728
6-channel line/ICP input module with high-dynamic input range  
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labDX - module Code 3741
Digital module with CAN, FlexRay, pulse and AES/RS232 interfaces  
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labHMS - module Code 3742
Digital module with three AES/RS232 interfaces  
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labHRT6 - module Code 3743
Digital input module for high-resolution measurement of rotational analysis and vibration analysis  
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