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  Dr. H. W. Gierlich is new director of the Telecom division
HEAD Press Release Herzogenrath (Germany), June 15, 2014
Dr. H. W. Gierlich is new director of the Telecom division
Dr. H. W. Gierlich has taken over the management of the Telecom division at HEAD acoustics. As a long-term employee and head of the Telecom division, Dr. Gierlich has significantly contributed to the past success of the company. For many years, he has maintained excellent connections to various committees, such as ITU-T, ETSI, 3GPP, GCF, IEEE, TIA, CTIA, DKE, and VDA. Furthermore, he has already held leading positions as chairman of the ITU-T Focus Group CarCom and currently as Vice Chair of the ETSI Committee STQ.
“We are convinced that expanding and strengthening our Telecom division is very important for the future development of HEAD acoustics. With Hans Gierlich, we have succeeded in finding an experienced director. Due to his know-how in the field of telecommunications, he is the ideal partner for successful management”, said Prof. Dr. K. Genuit, managing partner of HEAD acoustics GmbH.
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